Cat Problems


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Aug 6, 2020
Hi I'm new here I need help regarding to my cat. She's very young and healthy but last tuesday we notices some strange behavior to her. She keeps rolling to the floor and keeps scratching his ear until her ears are red! Everyday she keeps meowing as if she's in pain. I really want to help her, I really do. But due to Covid I can't go out to take her to the vet,my mother also said that we can't afford one. We searched online to see symptoms and the results seems to be related to ear mites. I checked my cats ear and see that it was clean theres no black thing or whatever. I looked for a treatment and some say that baby oil will help and i use a cotton pad to clean her ear, i really don't know about these stuff and my cat stays indoor i never let her go outside. So if its really ear mites i really dont know how she got them. I need help or some kind of advise please? I don't want my cat to suffer. It's been 4 days she's been likes this.



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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
sounds like ear mites or an ear infection she really needs to see a vet to clear it up. Once its cleared up get a bottle of colodial silver and put two dros in each ear twice a week and she won't get any more ear infections. If it is ites you have to get something to kill them, usually a drop or a lotion but don't get over the counter stuff, she needs a vet to get the right medicine.


Jul 23, 2017
It probably is a bacterial infection because her ears hurt. Treatment for that is eardrops every day. I hope not because that requires seeing the vet.