Cat Won't Eat - Gags Instead


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Feb 26, 2021
Our little baby Miso (11 months) threw up a few times on Tuesday. She stopped throwing up soon after and was eating and drinking and playing like normal so we assumed that she had some how gotten something in there that she wasn't supposed to and threw it up.

We scoured the apartment for anything she might have swallowed, threw away old toys etc. The next day by chance she had a vet appointment for a checkup and some boosters. It didn't seem like she had thrown up since the day before. She came home REALLY lethargic and not in the mood and was throwing up a LOT in the next hour. To which we responded with calling the vet and taking her back in for observation.

They gave her Benadryl believing that she had had an allergic reaction and watched her for about four hours before saying she was fine and sending her back home with us. Late night rolls around, she started throwing up again. It is always clear and always a lot. We panic and take her into the emergency vet room and they do x-rays and say that her stomach and intestines are inflamed and send us home with anti nausea medicine, which will still allow her to eat and drink.

Miso drinks water often, but refuses to eat. Two days later (today) she is still not eating and we call the emergency room to ask them what to do about it. They ask us to bring her back in after offering the advice to heat up what food we already had and her not being interested in the slightest.

The vet said that there isn't any abdominal pain that she is experiencing and sent us home with "special" food for her to stimulate her appetite. She literally gags if we bring it close. We have tried every two hours. The vet simply said to leave it overnight and if she doesn't eat it to bring Miso in again.

I am so frustrated because she is sick and clearly in pain in some way and it feels like these veterinarians are ignoring it and think she is just being 'fickle.' I don't think a literal gag reflex is a sign of 'fickleness.' I already lost a cat a year and a half ago who wasn't even a year old to FIP and I literally cannot do it again. I cannot do it again with Miso. I am just looking for ANY place to get help besides these hacks who don't even know what is going on either despite it being their literal jobs. I'm sorry, I'm just so scared.

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Mar 28, 2012
@revmp28, welcome to the forum. Very sorry to hear about your cat, I'd be very upset if my cat had that problem When I first started reading your post, I thought of some kind of blockage, like hairballs. I guess they took some xrays and scans to find the problem?

I would definitely go to a completely different vet and get a second opinion. Take all of your files that show what this vet has done and given to the new vet. I know you must be spending a lot of money already on this, but the safety of the cat is priority and something just doesn't sound right with the treatment you're getting now. Good luck, let us know how she's doing.


Jul 23, 2017
Welcome to the forum.

I can't believe vets would give vomiting cats Benadryl. That does nothing good for the cat.

What are you feeding Miso? Did you recently change her diet before she began throwing up?