Checklist for a new coming dog


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Aug 16, 2019
Excitement, happiness, anticipation, and nervousness are some of the few words that describe the feeling you have when you are about to welcome a new furry-kid in your family. Adopting a new dog is exciting and wonderful, but let’s be honest —it can get a little overwhelming at times.

You may start to feel like there are a lot of decisions to make and things to do. But if there is one thing that helps you rest easy while you prepare, it is having a detailed checklist. Just for this reason, we have created a new dog checklist. In this guide, you will learn about things to do as you navigate through the new dog preparation journey.

Grooming Supplies

As your furry-kid, your dog has to be kept clean and healthy every single day. Grooming supplies will give you an excuse to spend one-on-one time with your dog. Before you go purchase those grooming supplies, it’s best if you have a general idea of the breed type and the kind of activities you intend to have for your dog.

The grooming accessories used for a German Shepard are very different from those used for a Vizsla. What you need to groom a dog that you go with for camping is very different for a dog that you put into modeling. If you have no idea what kind of accessories you will need, here is a list of basics:

  • Brush and comb
  • Clippers
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Towel and dryers
  • Dog ear care
  • Nail trimmer
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
Buy a bed for your dog

When buying a bed for your dog, one thing to consider is the size of your canine companion. It’s best if you try to select a plush-looking bed so that your dog gets comfy —add a few pillows and a blanket. After buying the bed, pick a spot to position it —it can be in a crate or elsewhere around your house.

A bag of dog food

With the wealth of options available, it has become a bit harder to choose the best dog food. Gone are the days when you’d buy whatever dog food is available at the local grocery store, today pet parents are more discerning about their dogs’ meal. Even if food is said to be of high quality, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right for your dog —there is a great need to consult a vet before you go shopping.

Purchase a dog-leash

Having a dog also means that you are committed to fulfilling the pet’s walking needs. You’d need a leash to keep your dog close to you when it’s time to go for walks. The leash has to be light but very strong, and it’s best if its 4 or 6 feet long so that your dog gets some extra freedom. It can either be made from leather, nylon or cotton —you just have to choose one which is comfortable for you to hold and the weight of the leash also has to be pleasant for your pooch. Regardless of the type of leash, you will choose, the part that is attached to your dog’s collar has to be secure and strong.

Buy toys for your dog

There are going to be quiet days for you, but your dog doesn’t have to feel them or get bored. During these moments, toys could be handy in keeping your dog occupied. Rubber toys such as a tennis ball and rubber bouncing ball are great toys to start with. Avoid buying small or tiny toys that can be easily chewed and swallowed. Keep a close eye on your four-footed friend while she’s playing with her toys, and be on the lookout for any signs of wear and boredom.

A dog crate is a necessity

Your dog will always need a home inside your home —a small space of its own where it will hang around or chill when tired. This is where a dog crate comes in. Before you get the crate, you have to know the size of your new dog so that you get a crate that has enough room for your dog to stand in and turn around comfortably.

A crate will make it easy to train your puppy and you can turn it into your dog’s room by placing a bed inside it. Expect your dog to be stressed out in the first few weeks of living inside a crate, but any anxiousness can be reduced by choosing the right crate and placing the crate in your bedroom. The best dog crate has to be portable, comfortable, well-ventilated and durable just like these crates from Impact.

Prepare your family members

Getting ready for a new dog involves helping other family members adjust. A new puppy brings new sounds and new ways of doing things for everyone in your family. If you have children, start talking about the new dog well in advance. If possible, involve every family member in making some of the decisions and then decide who is going to be responsible for the new family member. It doesn’t have to be one person caring for your dog, you can take turns to take the dog out for walks, feed him and play with him. To quickly settle, your dog has to feel the love and acceptance of all the family members.

Prepare your house

One of the most important things to do when preparing for the arrival of your new furry-kid is to make sure that the house is cleaned, dusted, sterilizing and vacuumed. Dog-dying your place means keeping out of reach things — toxic chemicals, medicines, and firearms — that may harm your dog. Your dog will not be confined to one room, but if it’s like any other dog, it will take over the whole house and this is why you should go room by room setting up your home.

Preparing for a new dog is probably one of the most exciting events for different families, but it also means serious planning and adjustments. To help your four-footed family member to settle well in a new environment requires you to take care of a few things. Use the above tips as your guide in your preparation.