Chihuahua's better in groups?


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May 28, 2014
So i mentioned to a friend i was interested in adopting a dog... and that the foster im currently looking at is a chihuahua. his fiance has one so i asked him a little more about living with one. he sent me this article:

which i read through and had a bit of doubt that the issues listed are purely from lack of training. seeing as i grew up with a lab that had none of the issues listed, and a border collie, who when bored only destroyed things like the trees outdoors, twigs, his toys, and the occasional napkin. (he was however very vocal.) so i read the article with a grain of salt. but he mentioned she has destroyed several blinds wall trimmings etc, and added that they are very nervous and prefer to be amongst other dogs and that her dog is much more well behaved when an x roommates dog is around.

Anyone have any experience with the Chi's and the "herd" mentality? the foster im looking at is young, but by the sounds of it has ALWAYS been around other dogs. he was removed from his original home due to the owner having too many dogs, and his last foster had 10 pits... and the current foster has about 2 or 3 personal dogs. so him mentioning this has me a little worried... not that i have to say yes and a few bills are cropping up so it might not even happen now... but im curious to see what others have to say about this?


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Nov 6, 2012
I have a friend who has a little Chi who's the king of their home. It's not as spoiled as you think. He does, however, get ample exercise and walkies. Sometimes, it's a matter of giving them the things they need most: walks, mental stimulation e.g. tricks training, and some lovin'.

I have a friend who has two chihuahuas. They've been taking care of them all their lives, so if you ask them, you'll have an idea how it is to care for chis until they grow old. I'm afraid I can't give you as much detailed advice on the topic, however, you can contact these people through their blog. Here's the link: Dipdip and the Bridge.

Best of luck!