Cockatiel gone bald!


Mar 22, 2021
I know this is kind of an alarming title but its true! I have two cockatiels; Blizzard and Griffin, They are both male. About 2 years ago we realized that griffin had a little patch of feather missing from the back of his head. We thought this was odd, but since you couldnt see the skin it didnt bother us. About a month later it started getting bigger and griffin started loosing some of his crest feathers ( i will put a photo of what he should look like along with what they look like fighting, they are all off google) Anyways, we realized that Blizzard had been pulling the feathers out of griffins head to keep himself the prettiest man around. Griffin is also a little special in the head and somtimes passes out when he gets a little stressed like when we try to clip his wings. We aren't able to seperate them and we tried putting mulitple things on his head to make the feathers taste bad to Blizzard but nothing worked. So after all that we are stuck with one very pretty but also petty and rude bird and one special nice bird with a bald patch on the back of his head. Griffin is usually the more physically dominant one even though he is smaller but Blizzard made sure that Griffin will never have a lady friend since those feathers aren't gonna grow back. I hope you all enjoyed the story and maybe gained some knowledge about your own bird.