Coming on 2 years since he left us


ER Vet Tech
Mar 7, 2018
Tolleson, AZ
Rorschach, or Rory for short, was my rescue baby. He was brought to my ER practice as an aggressive dog. She kids had been chasing him, and when they cornered him, he became defensive. As soon as I took him from the police officer, he glued himself to my side, and that was it. I can only speculate to his first year of life, but knowing what I do, I think I am pretty sport on. He was pulled from his littermates too soon, as he never learned bite inhibition. He was found with what remained of a collar and some chew rooe, so probably lived outdoors and had little to no human conact. Everything was fine for the first few months, then his dominance became too much, and I had to consider the well-being of my cats abd my mother-in-laws senior Chihuahuas. I knew if I took him to the Humane Society, he would just be euthanized. And I couldn’t just give him away, because I did not want the blood of some else’s kidnor pet on my hands. So I made to the dicsion yo euthanize him, with me there.

I personally am not into cremation. I have it in my will to donate my body to a body farm for forsensic studies, after organ harvesting. And I wouldn’t want to be in someone’s closet or on their fireplace mantle. So why would I do such a thing with my pet? Instead, I used an ink pad, and made a few ink prints of his right front paw. I took the best looking one and tattooed it on my leg. Now he will walk with me, until the end of my days. When it is my cat’s time, they will join him. No one else will have paw prints like mine, because they are unique to my pets. That is now I remember them.

And if there is shit spelling in here, I just noticed that there is NO spell check icon, and I am typing this from my phone and don’t use auto-correct. So sorry in advance. Below are images of my Rory and his mark.



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Mar 28, 2012
Sorry to hear about your Rory, glad you tried to help him, he looked like a nice dog.


Jul 23, 2017
It is sad that a dog must be euthanized for behavior reasons - and unbelievable that one who licked you would be so aggressive toward others. But you knew what was best for him and other pets, then made a memorial that is not like any other on the planet. He was a cute dog.

Hmmm, I actually never thought about the lack of a spell check button.


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Mar 27, 2015
That is very sad about Rory. I can't imagine going through that and I'm sorry for your loss. The tattoo is a touching way to remember him. RIP Rory.