Crate training, dog peeing in house too much


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Sep 10, 2020
Perhaps I am doing something wrong. And hopefully someone will guide me.

I have a 10 week old female Australian Shepherd poodle mix. I got the dog at 8 weeks old and it had coccidia which has been treated twice and I go back to the vet Monday. I also thought she had a UTI and I was correct at 8 1/2 weeks. She has been off meds for 4 days.

In my crate training I of course would stop feeding the dog and providing water after perhaps 8 p.m. I would put the dog in the crate around 9 p.m.

The dog had no accidents ever in the crate.

I was getting up every 2 hours to wake the dog up to go out and pee/poop and of course used positive reinforcement with treats and the word ' yessssssss' .

I of course added ' go pee' or 'go potty' depending on which I wanted. She knows.

I then decided not to wake the dog up anymore and to let the dog wake me up. And she does.

Throughout this entire time I have been sleeping on the couch with the crate in the kitchen with a towel over it. In this manner I can simply walk from the couch to the kitchen and pick up the dog and take the dog out to pee and or poop at night. This has worked fine. I reward her with treats and positive words and excitement .

Now comes the tough part. In the morning if the dog cries I will let the dog out to pee and or poop and put the dog back in its crate until it's time to get up. I will get up at approximately 7 a.m. and let the dog out and she will pee and or poop, get her treat, positive words and so on.

I feed her in a pen also in kitchen. I take her out about 15 minutes after eating.

I notice that she would occasionally 'phantom pee' meaning she would fake peeing to get the treat and then would come in the house and pee.
I now watch to see how long she squats and will stay out there longer to let her squat multiple times. I of course reward her. Sometimes I do not reward her if it's a fake pee and I will stay outside. I do not play with her outside.

I will feed her in a pen that is also in the kitchen. She seems to be very hungry and always very thirsty. She has however gained 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks.

*** I do not put her back in the crate until bedtime Should I?

I will occasionally put her in her pen to give me some relief and I give her peanut butter on one of those licky mats.

So in other words I do not put her back in her crate during the entire day from when she wakes up until she goes to bed at night.

I play with her in living room on a large waterproof mat and take her out two times an hour. However she will come back inside and while playing for the next 15 or 20 minutes pee in front of me on the mats or kitchen floor.

When she pees I will say no and I will pick her up and bring her outside using same door. I try to encourage her to pee more and I will stay outside with her a bit and then we go back inside.
But she is not put in her crate.

I realize at 10 weeks she still very young. She loves the treats, but I worry that perhaps I should be putting her in her crate during the day more often or in the pen to avoid the extraneous peeing inside the house.

As an example today she went pee about 5 or 6 times in the house. The other day about four times, another day about 5. We did have one day when it was zero.

I am worried that perhaps she still has a UTI and perhaps inflamed bladder or might have diabetes or something worse based on the death of my previous dog and my step daughter's dog that had kidney failure at age 3. So we're going to try to rule that out next week at the second vet visit.

So all-in-all ruling out any sort of illness and the fact that I am home all day and I do watch her perhaps I should be putting her in her crate or pen other than just at night. Thoughts?

And by perhaps putting her in her crate or pen more often for an hour or two several times a day it might reduce her indoor peeing (never pooped in house) . I would like to know your thoughts.

I have owned two dogs before but I forget how I trained them yet they were stubborn and still peed in the house from time to time like twice a month. My fault probably. Sorry this is so long thank you very much, Peter


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Mar 13, 2014
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I have always crate trained my dogs some in as little as three weeks. Do NOT use pee pads that encourages them to go in the house. The MUSt be crated when you can't watch them at all times. If she starts to sniff around and circle she is looking for a place to go. If you know she goes several times in the house take her out more often teach her words like "outside" and "go potty she will learn when you say outside what it means Never punish her for going in the house, just clean it up and move on, if you scare her she'll look for corners to go go in where you can't see her. She's just a baby and has to learn so don't be to hard on her. And when she goes a few days with no accidents don't assume she's housebroken, she is housebroken when she reliably tells you she has to go out. You can also take a rag that you used to wipe up pee and also [oop and put it where you want her to go. Let her snifff and this may stimulate her to go.
And I would lnot feed her in the crate, crate is for sleeping, not eating. Praise and treats after she goes, ignore accidents and be fair, if she cries or whines in the crate take her out she's telling you that she needs to go out. Also the crate should only be big enough for her to stand, turn around and lay down, if the crate is to big she can pee or poop and get away from it, but if the crate is small she won't want to lay in it so she'll let you know.
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