Cute Overload: Chihuahua mix dry nursing kitten


Chicken crazy
Jan 13, 2018
That is cute, but it could make the chihuahua uncomfortable.


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Aug 15, 2019
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It certainly looked uncomfortable to me---I opened my account to ask what to do, lol.

I got good advice--they ARE working it out. I need to take another picture because they're even cuter now that the kitten is bigger than the Chihuahua mix.

Laurel has had to set some boundaries and it's kind of shocking to see my sweet, mild-mannered "Little Sunshine" put her foot down and say no, absolutely not, this isn't a good time, it's not up for discussion, just plain no.

But she does. She's the most emotionally healthy of us all and we all depend on her and if little mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Setting boundaries is a skill she learned with her adopted baby and then generalized to her interactions with my larger Chi mix. If I'd banned the dry nursing or separated the fur kids, they might not have worked it out themselves and she might have gotten hurt accidentally by one of my larger pets.

The kitten is still nursing when the Chihuahua lets her and the Chihuahua gets to decide when that ends, not me. The kitten is still not interested in bottles, not sucking on sweaters, not making biscuits excessively or mussing my hair or any of the other annoying and often lifelong behaviours that are typical when kittens are weaned too early.

This dog shouldn't have puppies but she sure takes good care of her giant foster baby and could almost lead a La Leche League group, lol. No idea if it's even still dry nursing or if she's successfully induced lactation.