Cytopoint injection side effects


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Oct 30, 2021
Hey, y’all. I’m desperate to get some information about side effects of the cytopoint injection. My 1 year old had some mild itching. I took her for her checkup & mentioned it to my vet. He suggested giving her the cytopoint injection. When I took her home she was immediately lethargic. She started having diarrhea. I took her back to the bet after giving it a few days. He did tests & found her liver enzymes were elevated. He sent her home on probiotics & antibiotics. A few days later, she started vomiting & just laying around & sleeping. I took her back yesterday. He gave her iv fluids & nausea meds. Her liver levels were down but liver congestion was a bit high. It’s been @24 hours & she’s still so lethargic & seems to have developed a kind of congestion sounding cough or dry cough. I’m desperate for something to help her. Do I just need to give the meds time to work? She’s a little Westie & has lost weight & looks awful. I’m so worried.


Apr 20, 2021
It seems that these syptoms your dog is experiencing after having the cytopoint injection is what many others who have had allowed their dog to have it are also experiencing. You only need to read some of the other posts on here to find out how other dogs have faired after using it for their dog, some dogs have shown no syptoms until 2nd or 3rd injection and then died.I am aware it is being marketing as a 'new wonder' drug and of course Vets told it is 'safe' hard sell it as a 'cure all'

As a westie it could be as simple as bad genetics as atopic dermatitis is an allergic skin disease which is common in the West Highland white terrier, possibly affecting 25% of dogs. It causes mild to severe itching which, as a result of scratching or rubbing, often leads to further skin damage, irritation, infection and discomfort and so they suffer from secondary infections as well and if that is the case then you nor the Vet can change her genetics.

If your dog is not one effected genetically then it is likely to be food and/or environmental issues, both of which you can investigate and either change or reduce and ALWAYS should be investigated before using cover up meds of any kind.

I am not an advocate of covering up an issue with pop a pill or 'magic' injections, rather I prefer to investigate the real cause , boosting the dogs natural immune system and doing something about why it is happening.