Daughter afraid of dog?

Oct 3, 2022
My friend has two dogs, a 150 pound great Dane, and a 250 pound English mastiff. when we go over to visit and the dogs come out to greet us, my 4Y/O little girl gets really scared and wants me to pick her up.

Anytime the dogs start running or barking my kiddo gets scared, my daughter is a little more scared of the mastiff, but still pretty scare of the dane. Why is she doing this? The dogs haven't done anything to her. When the dogs are out of sight she is fine.

Of course I will listen to my daughter and put the dogs away. I just don't understand why she's acting this way.

Also, my daughter loves dogs. We have a border collie at home and they love each other, how come she is so terrified of these dogs? Is the kid just doing this on purpose to get attention?

I really don’t understand why she is scared, Dane and mastiff are exactly like the border collie in every way, they are very very sweet and would never do anything to hurt anyone.


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Nov 16, 2022
Maybe your daughter needs more time to know Mastiff. Maybe time for bonding like feeding, walking, running, playing, etc. I think it's usual for children, they just need to feel and see that Mastiff or our pets won't harm them. I agree with linda2147, it might me the size that scares her.


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Apr 20, 2016
Western NC
Yep, gotta be the size. My friend who had a granddaughter came over here when I had my Lilly (a big German Shepherd/Boxer mix) and was terrified of her. They had a little Yorkie and she had only been around tiny dogs, so it took some time for her to understand large dogs can be sweet and gentle too. It took time but she finally got used to Lilly and they were great friends for several years.