did we put our cat down too early?


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Sep 22, 2020
My mom had her 15 1/2 year old cat put down yesterday. She gasnt been doing well over the past year. She was dusgnised with hyperthyroidism. It was sort of under control. She also had some pretty bad constipation. Shed go almost a week without going. I had to giver mirlumax 3 times a day, and her pills, which she hated. I could tell she was just so stressed out. She also had arthritis. She would limp up the stairs, but she wouldn't eat her supplements anymore.

She also started puking here and there a week ago. My momsaid she thinks it was the mirlumax I was giving her. I thought maybe it was too. A couple weeks before that, she wasn't really eating, and lost 2 pounds. You could clearly see her hips sticking out. My mom yook her to the vet, thinking it was her thyroid, because she hadbt been eating her d/y hills much (before we switched to the pills), so she took her to the vet, and her thyroid levels were perfect.

The vet thought it was cancer, but they would have to do a few tests. My mom said she didn't want to out her through more stress. The vet reccomended euthanization, but my mom wanted to spend a couole more days with her. The vet gave her fluids, and out her on anti biotic, which i thiught was wuerd if they thought it was cancer. It seemed to help a little cause she was eating a littke more. I thiught she had bounced back, but yesterday afternoon, she suddenly became very lethargic, and couldn't walk very well. My mom took her to rhe vet, and out her down. I thiught maybe they'd discover it was something easy to treat, like she just hit into something bad, or because her diet was changed.

They decided to put her down, so i guess the vet thought it was time? Im afraud she was sick because of me, and they put her down for no reason. I could realistically afford the tests. And chemo if need be, but I didnt want to out her througj the tress iether. I also had spent a couople grand on her at this point and didn't want to keep spending money on something that was starting to look never ending.


Jun 22, 2013
I'm sorry about your loss, she was old and obviously suffering, if she died on her own you would be thinking if not putting her down was the right thing to do. So don't beat yourself up over it, feel at peace that she is not suffering anymore.


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Mar 13, 2014
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she was an old cat and at that age when they get sick there isn't much you can do but relieve their pain. If the vet thought it was cancer he was probably right and cancer is a battle you can't win. if she had responded to chemo it was still only a matter of time. your mom made the right decision. My daughter had a bulldog that got cancer she spent 15k on him in chemo treatments and he only lived six weeks after that. so sometimes no matter how much money you throw at a problem you can't ssolve it.