Do you have any recommended pet supplies or toys?


New member
Oct 20, 2021
I have a dog these few days! he is a medium Golden Retriever , and I want to buy some useful supplies or toys for him. I hope you can give me suggestions, thank you!


Jul 23, 2017
By "these few days" do you mean he was just recently adopted or are you dogsitting for someone?

Necessary supplies for a golden retriever include a comb (large Furminator is the best) claw clippers, dog shampoo, a breakaway leash, an ID tag, an adjustable collar (not the shock kind), a slow feeder food bowl, two big steel dog bowls, Frontline Plus for dogs, poop bags, and a scooper to clean up after it along with various dog toys and high quality wet dog foods. Have you purchased any of those yet?