Does my turtle habitat look okay for my first hatchling?


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Sep 12, 2020
Hello! I’m new and want to see if you guys think my habitat is okay for my hatchling RES. This is my first ever turtle. He’s currently in a 10-gallon fish tank (I plan to upgrade to at least a 55-65 gallon within the next month or so) I have a heat basking lamp for him, as well a Reptisun 10% UVB/UVA light for him. I have a fish filter equipped for a 10-gallon tank, along with sand and river rocks for substrate, and he has some fake plants. I’ve been feeding him regular hatchling pellets and also the Reptomin floating sticks for hatchlings. I’ve tried giving him lettuce on some days, but he has yet to eat it. He’s shown some interest in it and took a bite out of a piece of lettuce and cabbage one time, but left it alone after that one bite. He loves the pellets and sticks though (he’s constantly begging for them, I only feed him once a day though, about his head full) sometimes I’ll give in and give him maybe 1 stick or 3-4 pellets For a second time within the day, but he usually is only fed once daily. He also has some white spots on his shell, that started off as one small grayish-white spot, that has since spread on more of his shell and lightened in color (more white now rather than grayish) I’m not sure if it’s just a bacterial thing, mineral deposits from water, or shell rot (I really hope that’s not it!), I use conditioner every time I do water changes. Since this started, I purchased TurtleFix and have been putting that in, since I’ve been using that most of his shell has brightened up to a bright green color, but the white patches are still there. Could this be from shedding scutes? Also, he’s been shedding his skin a lot, mostly on his neck and back feet (it almost looks like it’s peeling off and hangs until it falls off completely) he’s a good swimmer and basks pretty frequently. I just want to make sure he’s okay and that I’m taking care of him properly. His name is Ralfie btw!! (I’m praying he doesn’t turn out to be a female once I’m actually able to determine his sex! Lol) do you guys think his habitat is okay for now? Does he look healthy? What do
You think of the white spots and is there any other steps I should take besides the TurtleFix to treat this? Please let me know! Thanks!



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Oct 7, 2020
Hello, Tony114 his habitat looks great based on your a first-time turtle owner. my experience was I got a snapping turtle hatchling 8 months ago and he was housed in a 5-gallon tank. but now since I have acquired 4 more turtles he is in a 55 gallon which I great for him. but anyways the only thing I could think of it that it is calcium build upon his shell. I read you put conditioner in the water when you do water changes. but it is nothing to worry about when my easter painted turtle hatchling basks it does the same thing. or is it in and out of the water that the dots show up?