Dog has large sores growing on nose- vets can’t figure out what it is


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Sep 27, 2019
Hey there!

I just joined this forum as I’m so desperate to find out what is going on with our dog and wanted to see if anyone had some insight.

She is a 7yo German Shepherd husky mix and within the last month started getting these sores on her nose. They have gotten bigger and the vets were not able to diagnose it as anything. We have been trying Benadryl and it hasn’t gotten better at all. I think the next step is a dog dermatologist, which I think will be very expensive. But we got home today and she was whimpering from what appeared to be pain so we may just need to take that step. Her eyes are also red and have a little film on them.

Has anyone experienced anything like this with their dog?? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Mar 13, 2014
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if you are anywhere near a vet school or vet teaching hospital that is the place to take her. They won't stop looking until the find the problem and are no more and sometimes even less expensive than your regular vet. These are vet students working under highly qualified vets, they have specialists in all fields and not just one vet but a team will evaluate and come up with a solution for you. You might want to give this some thought


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Jul 23, 2017
A dermatologist might have some ideas, but they don't treat eye problems. If you think the two conditions are related, an internist is your best bet.