Dog killed baby bunny


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Jun 9, 2020
I just need to get this off my chest because I feel traumatized and guilty and can’t stop thinking about it. We caught our goldendoodle destroying a baby bunny nest a week ago. She didn’t harm any of the babies at that time. We covered them with a cut laundry basket with a brick on top to weigh it down. We had been taking her out on a leash most of the time but not every time because we were able to call her away if she started focusing around the laundry basket. We have a new baby so it’s hard not to just let her out, plus she’s a high energy dog and needs that energy release of running in the yard. Well my husband let her out yesterday and couldn’t call her back in. I got up to call her and heard squeaking, it took me a second to realize it was not her squeaky ball (ugh now I realize why dog’s love squeaky toys) but a crying baby bunny. I quickly passed off the baby and ran after my dog crying and screaming. She was tossing it in the air as it cried, just like it was a toy. The poor momma bunny started to run toward it. I got her to drop it and carried the dog in. The poor bunny looked like it was having agonal breaths and was bleeding. I gently placed it in a towel and laid it in the empty nest. I called multiple wildlife rehabilitators with no answer. I went back out to check on it and it had passed. I know it is nature and my dog was just being a dog but I can’t stop hearing it cry and think about how scared it was and the poor mom running back for it. We keep thinking if only we hadn’t let her out right then. We didn’t know the babies had started to venture from their nest. I also keep second guessing if only we had gotten chicken wire instead of the laundry basket, it might have safely gotten away. I don’t know if my dog trapped it.


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
most any dog will kill a rabbit if given the opportunity. Bbut dogs with a high prey drive like a poodle which was originally bred to hunt will not give up until they kill their prey. Its not your fault the dog was just being a dog but should be scolded and never given the opportunity to have any contact with anything smaller than himself.