Dog randomly attacks housemate cat


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Jul 26, 2014
I really need some quick responses to this. Our dog, a 4 year old Weimaraner, female, spayed, randomly attacks our 14 yr old. up until tis last attack, nothing serious, physically. There is no warning, the dog just attacks, picks her up in her mouth and shakes her. Fortunately, prior episodes have been relatively minor. Thi slast attack however caused stitches and x-rays, nothing broken, but a very traumatized cat and family.

The two have been together since Abbey was a puppy. The cat is indifferent toward the dog and most of the time the dog is too. They sometimes sleep together and they share a water dish.

Abbey is a very affectionate dog, well trained, not a chewer, listens off leash. She gets a lot of attention from the kids, 25, 23, 19, and 12 year olds. They feed her, play with her, walk her. She is definitely a part of the family. The tough part is we have to do something. I cannot have this happen again and it seems unfair to keep the dog or the cat locked up in a small spare room. We are exploring "other" options that I am not in favor of but I need to do something.

Does anyone have any advice.


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Mar 28, 2012
I wonder what sets Abbey off to make an attack? At least I would give the cat a separate water/food bowl, and make sure that there are safe places in every room for the cat to retreat in case she feels threatened. I feel very sorry for the cat, she won't be able to survive many attacks like that, and she must be in so much pain and fear. Sorry, I don't have any great advice, but if I think of anything helpful, I'll be sure to post here. Good luck.