Dog Yelping randomly at night & other issues , anxiety or pain?


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Sep 28, 2018
Plato is a 7.5 year old retriever , cocker spaniel mix. Overall his quite healthy with a few allergies, and tweaked his leg running once or twice. I recently went on vacation and some issues started occurring at the home he was staying. He has stayed at this home several times , as recently as one month ago with no issues ever. He is a very sensitive dog, somewhat of a cry baby so all his reaction are likely exaggerated

Problem description:

It all started with a little whimpering when getting up. It appeared to be the front right leg, was examined and fine. Put on pain meds, sent home.

Then the night time very loud yelping & crying started. Frequently throughout the night he would wake up yelping as loud as Ive ever heard him, it is very disturbing to hear. This is when I returned from vacation. It seemed we had the wrong leg. He was holding up his front left leg often. So we had that examined and no reproducible pain what so ever. Sent home told to monitor.

Now there doesn’t appear to be any issues with his legs. The whimpering while getting up during the day was faded greatly (probably only happened 1/10 times). The night time crying has receded but can still be very loud and distributing. He seems to snap out of it quickly. Wondering if its a pain / anxiety issues or something worse

  • he does not look up in general, his head is hanging low. he will reluctantly look up if there is a treat involved. This is fading a bit
  • yelping pain episodes continued. about 5-7 episodes overnight some more severe than others and a few during the day.
  • the episodes are very short only a few seconds, and he sometimes snaps out of them if we call is name
  • we have pressed along his spine and there appears to be no tender points
  • He’ll still play a bit of fetch inside the house

We are concerned about anxiety as we cannot reproduce his "pain"/ crying outbursts. For example he appears to be more comfortable around my girlfriend (we've lived together for 5 months), she was petting him fine rolling around the floor with more proper neck movement (not quite lifting but side to side). Then I came in to sit down with them, hadn't touched him yet and he started to cry / yelp. There has been a few other episodes while I've been petting him and he burst out crying, then my girlfriend pets in same spot and he does not cry. Also I was going to cut his nails in the bathroom ( which he doesn't like) and when I got him to roll over he started crying / yelping. Then I immediately took him into the living room with his toy, got him to roll over and petted him just fine.



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Mar 13, 2014
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maybe you should consider taking him to a dog chiopractor, just to be sure there is not something just a little out of whack. If they find nothing, it could be he's learned that by crying he gets attention. But before jumping to that conclusion you need to eliminate all possibilities. The chiopractor can also give him a laser treatment. Or try acupuncture. It won't hurt him and may help.

If all this fails then he should get an mri, see exactly whats going on with the legs


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Aug 16, 2018
Age and injury are two reasons your dog may be Yelping and crying. While there are many reasons your dog might cry at night, you can train them to be calm. He might be suffering from anxiety so be patient and take good care of him. Every dog is different and each deserves their own special treatment. Pay attention to your dog's needs.