Eating and Rolling in Funky Stuff


Pack Leader and Lover
Mar 28, 2012
Even though Hans is nearing 12 years old and in poor health, he still finds the energy to eat funky stuff in the woods and at the park, or roll in smelly things. He's done it since he was a puppy, eating dead birds whole, etc. We couldn't break him out of the habit, and we'd really have to watch him when we were camping in the woods. Any dead animals, or wild fecal matter, would just delight him. Sometimes he'd need an emergency bath in a nearby river, stream or lake to wash off the funk before we could let him back into the truck or camper with us.

Standard Schnauzers are technically working dogs, as described by the AKC. They were used in the German army as first aid dogs, they've been used for police dogs, etc. But they do have that feisty, stubborn terrier attitude. As old as he is, he seems to test me pretty often, and is very dominant.

Don't get me wrong though, Hans is really the best dog I've ever had. For the most part he is very obedient and smart. He's loyal too. I can walk him off-lead in any situation, and he will listen to me and behave, unless he's preoccupied with rolling or eating some funk. Of course I only have him loose in the dog park, or out in the woods, etc.

Does your dog eat and roll in smelly stuff when outdoors? I know it's a natural dog thing to do...but it can lead to some messy situations at times. :eek-new:



BACON of Light
Nov 6, 2012
Oh gosh! Chooey is my one true love, and she's a crazy poop eater! She doesn't eat her poop, though, which I guess is a good thing.

Then, there's Peanuts, who just loves to kill every rodent in sight. She is more terrier than whatever mix I was meant to believe she was.

Hans is one adventurous doggy. I bet the stories you could tell about him could fill an entire book.

Our paws and prayers to Hans' well-being.