Emergency Foster for Injured Cat!


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Jul 12, 2017
My sweet kitty, Esme, was involved in an accident in which her tail was pulled resulting in nerve damage to her hind quarters. She has no control over her bladder, and moderate control of her bowels. She can walk, and is not in any pain. The nerves may repair themselves, it just takes time. She is already showing signs of improvement, however, I am no longer in a position to facilitate her care due to my current living situation. Looking for a foster for (temporarily) disabled animals, or ANYONE who can offer ANY assistance in this situation. Esme is my best friend, and this is heart breaking for us both. I simply want to do what is best for her, and at least buy her some time to see if she can heal. My name is Melissa. Please contact me if you can help or have any helpful information or ideas. We are located in the Bay Area of California. Thank you and be well!

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