Ferret teeth grinding after dental surgery?


New member
Mar 24, 2022
Ok, so I adopted my ferrets 2 weeks ago and one (Willow) had a canine tooth extracted a few weeks before I adopted her. When I got her, she was grinding her teeth. Not constantly, but enough to be worried I believe. She doesn't seem to have a blockage, she's not lethargic, she's eating, drinking and pooping normally. So I'm assuming this grinding is due to pain from the surgery or the fact that she is literally just missing a front tooth. Can someone help/give advice?


Apr 20, 2021
Ferrets grind their teeth primarily to alleviate pain or discomfort, so you needto take her to your vet to have a check up as it could be something else that is causing a problem ( other than a tooth) such as GI discomfort.