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Oct 5, 2019
I am at my wits end. I dont make very much money so i am doing everything in my power and budget to combat these fleas. I prefer natural remedies and products. Have used apple cider vinegar on cats to dawn water sprayed on the carpets. Have had to resort to capstar which worked well for a week. They were given a dose at 10am. Its now 3pm and using flea comb im still combing out live fleas! The infestation is bothersome at most but i feel im quickly losing the battle. I hate those meds that go on the neck as my babies have adverse reactions i cant bear to put them through. Need some wisdom here guys..


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Jul 23, 2017
How many cats do you have? Do they go outside at all? (Keeping them inside 24/7 is the biggest part of a solution.)


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Mar 28, 2012
Welcome! Some people have used Food Grade DE for flea problems, if I ever had a severe problem on carpets, etc, I would try it. You can bathe the cats in Johnson's baby shampoo, that is also supposed to kill the fleas. Good luck! I'm like you, I avoid using any poisons on my dog or cat, I reluctantly put my dog on heartworm meds because it was necessary, but refuse to use any topical insecticides.