Four Ways to Stop Fighting Cats in Your Home


Pack Leader and Lover
Mar 28, 2012
Some ideas to neutralize feuding felines in your home...

In many multi-cat households, catfights are an unfortunate – and regular – occurrence. Sometimes cats just don’t like each other and so they brawl, but there are many other reasons for inter-cat aggression that you, as a cat owner, can work to resolve.

It’s important to optimize your cats’ environment with multiple feeding and watering locations; a litter box for each cat plus an extra; a variety of scratching surfaces, resting spots and perches; toys that appeal to a cat’s prey instinct; and even an outdoor enclosure that offers the opportunity for indoor cats to be outdoors safely.

It’s also important to see that your kitties receive biologically appropriate nutrition, plenty of exercise, and regular veterinary wellness exams.
Sometimes inter-cat feuds come from misdirected aggression, meaning the attacking cat has been angered by some other stimulus but is taking it out on one of his feline housemates. If you can figure out what precipitates an attack by one of your cats on another, you can work to mitigate the situation.

There are several natural products that can be extremely beneficial in lowering kitty stress and easing tensions between cats, including flower remedies, homeopathics, and feline facial pheromones.

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