GBB Frustration Chapter 2

Tongue Flicker

Exotic Animal Lover
Dec 4, 2013
Madina't Isa, Bahrain
Guess the part with me getting just adult females to keep the spider addiction in check 'coz of their price was a lie @_@

Due to my recent GBB frustration, I vented out into getting a new one, a 5" female Cobalt blue tarantula (Haplopelma lividum).

Not as friendly as the GBB they make up for it for their amazing color and fatal grumpiness.

Upon arrival, what looks like a very small and collected tarantula,

Becomes a lightning-fast assassin. Armed and ready to kill (not me but a prey lol)

Notice how pretty she is with her legs spread out and with a camera flash:D

And into her ICU (rehydration) chamber!

Ugh! I so need to find a GBB soon or else a P.met is on its way lol