Getting new setup for UVB


New member
May 19, 2019
Have 75 gallon tank for musk turtle. Currently have a compact 5.0 uvb bulb and dome. I need something different as I know this is not enough uvb for him. Any thoughts from anyone on the Reptisun 5.0 HO hood and tube bulbs? I would like to get the 36 inch one as it will cover a good portion of my tank. It will be sitting on top of a metal reptile screen aquarium about 12-13 inches from top of water. Will this be ok? Will it affect turtles eyes or burn him? Should I still cut holes in screen to allow UVB through? I am trying to avoid doing that (want to keep integrity of screen) is why I want to go with a HO system as long as it will not harm my Musk.

I have also heard mixed thoughts on cutting holes in your screens. Also for those that may have this system sitting on top of a metal screened aquarium cover, how do you secure it to the top of the screen or do you just plopped it on top and leave it? (I have a curious cat and I do not want him to shove light onto the ground if he decides he wants up onto the screen. Hense another reason to not cut holes in top of I need screen to retain strength as not to have cat break the thing if he hops up there).