Has your dog reacted badly to 'Cytopoint' injection (new anti-itch shot)

Mark Q

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Dec 10, 2020
My dog MAX was itching a lot . I took him into the local vet. they gave him a cytopoint injection he became very lethargic and Short of breath . I rushed him to the Vet hospital he was diagnosed with AIHA Autoimmune hemolytic anemia. He received 4 blood transfusions with out response.
We were about to euthanize him but we decided to give him one more blood transfusion. His blood count slowly returned to normal after several weeks. This was in April of this year. He is almost back to normal but he has to have medicine daily. Cytopoint needs a warning label.


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Jan 21, 2021
My dog had 'Cytopoint' injection 3 weeks ago (new anti-itch med) and her existing back/pain issues seemed to have increased. Due to get 2nd injection in 3 days......Has anyone else experienced similar?? Hesitating to get 2nd shot.
My shih Tzu mix was brought to our Vet for skin allergies on Sept 13, 2017, that he contracted about a year ago and the allergies came back this summer with a little more intensity. He had some itchy scaly spots on his skin. His name was Georgie. Georgie was 13 years old and in very good health with no underlying diseases or illnesses. As far as we knew and as far as we observed Georgie was happy and running around the day we brought him in for skin allergies.

Last year in 2016, I decided to just put Benadryl cream on his skin and eventually the allergies subsided. This year, because the itching was a bit more intense we decided along with the vet to give him the CytoPoint Injection to help him stop itching. Two days after the injection, Georgie began to bleed internally. His antibodies began to attack his red blood cells and Platelets.

Georgie died 7 days after the CytoPoint injection and after 3 blood transfusions. CytoPoint killed my dog. This is a warning to all Pet owners. Cytopoint has not been on the market long, only 8-9 months, with ONE case study. We unfortunately researched everything about the company Zoetis and CytoPoint after the death of my dog.

Please DO NOT have CYTOPOINT administered/injected into your Dog for allergies or itchy skin. CytoPoint is a Biologic with Antibodies that are to program how cells send messages to the brain about itching. Georgie was injected with these Antibodies, where the antibodies turned against his body attacking red blood cells and platelets. My family is in pursuit to go after Zoetis for compensation for the $5,000 of Emergency Blood Transfusions that we incurred. Please head this warning and share with anyone you think may be considering CytoPoint for their Dog.
Sorry for your loss. My dog has had this shot recently (twice), and, within a week both times, her face swelled up, she was lethargic, didnt eat, didnt want to play, and threw up a lot. We had a bunch of tests, to no avail, so I finally put it together. Shame on this company and the FDA.

R Jill F

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Feb 6, 2021
I am so very sorry. We had a very similar situation with our shih tzu LOUIE. We took him to the vet (in Port Hueneme, CA) for constant itching. He was given the very expensive shot CYTOPOINT. The first shot seemed to help. It was recommended to return once a month to get another shot. I DID NOT come back for 3 months (COST) and he seemed ok.

Then he went back to the vet, my husband took him and he was given another shot. Still ok, but went back with my husband a month later to update his rabies shot and for an ear infection. GIVEN A 3rd shot of CYTOPOINT and that’s where we almost lost our dog. I stopped any further Cytopoint at this point.

He was completely lethargic after that. He didn’t bounce when he walked and he went downhill from there. Had blood work up done and his red blood count was at 11. He was put in prednisone. The vet would NOT acknowledge that the CYTOPOINT had anything to do with it. Vet said he had an auto-immune issue.

BUT Cytopoint DOES something with the immune response targeting what ever makes a dog itch and lowering that response! In MY OPINION it messed up his ability to produce Red Blood cells. Our vet said when he can’t walk to go to the bathroom it is time to put him down. I CHANGED VETS!!!!! went to a Holistic vet who placed him on another immune suppressant.

Ultimately he had to get TWO BLOOD TRAN$FU$ION$ and still would not produce RED BLOOD CELLS. They kept dying off. He was on two immune suppressants at that time. The ONLY SOLUTION was that he was so miserable on all the medication the vets had given that I TOOK HIM OFF ALL MEDS! Guess what......HE IMPROVED!!! Saw improvement within days and had blood checked about a month later.

No longer anemic! Holding his own with pink tongue. Bouncing as normal, scratches some but I don’t care. That medication is horrific And my dog should never have been given it every month. Vets make money by giving shots and medication and I have been told animal meds are not researched as much human medications are.

So it’s trial and error with OUR PETS. DON’T BUY INTO CYTOPOINT AND RESEARCH ANY MED THAT VETS ARE PUSHING. I really lost faith in them. Good luck! 👍🏼 💜 and the Vets don’t want to acknowledge or even consider that this drug is bad. Why is that I wonder? Again, I feel for you. It is really sad.


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Mar 28, 2012
Hi @R Jill F, welcome! Good to hear your dog is doing okay and survived these shots. My dog does have seasonal allergies and itching, I heard about the Cytopoint shot and would never let them give it to my dog, but they never suggested it. They did give me a script for Apoquel, but after doing my own research and seeing that it suppressed the immune system, I decided not to give him those pills either.

He's gotten better as years go by, I give him a bath with Zymox shampoo and conditioner to ease the itching during the spring to fall season. I've also given him Dynovite supplement and Colostrum supplement during these times. Don't know exactly what is helping him improve, may be a combination of everything.

Also make sure to brush my boy daily throughout the year, but especially during allergy season, he goes to parks daily that have an assortment of weeds and grasses that likely have pollens which affect his condition, plus behind our back fence is a large open field with weeds and bushes that make the matter worse. I also vacuum at home more often to get as much dust, dirt and pollens off the carpet. Giving them some Krill Oil, Fish Oil or Coconut Oil a few times a week also seems to help make the skin not so dry and itchy.

Louie is very cute, hope he stays healthy! 🧡


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Feb 17, 2021
instead of mixing kibble with the raw use ground up green beans, not canned, frozen or fresh, this will add bulk to his diet but very few calories and he will loose weight. Feeding raw he should be getting two or three percent of his body weight divided into two meals. Don't forget to add the right additives to a raw diet, get some honest kitchen add 1/4 cup mixed with equal warm water, let it sit and mix with the raw food this is all the "greens" he needs in his diet, Also add 1 tablespoon of missing ; link for skin and coat, this is all the vitamins and minerals he might be missing in his diet.

get some unscented baby wipes and wipe his feet, belly and face every time he comes inside. this will get off the i irritants he's getting from outside. Also get a bottle of liquid colloidial silver , mix it half and half with water and put it in a spray bottle and spray his body a couple of times a day.

My nephew has a white pitbull and this is what I told him to do and no more itching.

Wow thanks so much. I already have colloidial silver at home anyways! I've been trying to see more natural holistic approach we have a specialist appointment but I am not certain their approach will be without more drugs. So It seems as with anything else in animal or human medical world it's up to us to do further research and gather information as much as possible. No one else is there to look out for us and our animals. Unfortunately.

Thanks for your help


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May 15, 2019
Just updating you guys. Our Coco who had developed strange symptoms after Cytopoint (similar to a stroke but eventually diagnosed as IMPA) Passed away last December 2020. He was on steroids for almost a year to manage these symptoms, which ended up causing a gastric perforation, that took him away from us forever.
He was our only baby as I have had three miscarriages in last two years.. we spent all of our energy/money/time in saving him... so many specialists... we had found a good internist but she left the practice due to Covid that’s why his GI bleed couldn’t get diagnosed in time..
I am in medical profession and I hate myself for ever having him take that shot... I hate Vets who put money over lives...
Please do not give Cytopoint to your dogs