Help - Chronic Rhinitis


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Aug 26, 2019
I have an older dog (~13 yrs old) that has always had health problems since we adopted him. Sneezing fits, sometimes bloody, wheezing and coughing. He was diagnosed with chronic rhinitis and we've treated him the past years with nose drops, prednisone and antibiotics intermittently as needed.

These past few months, however, his health has progressively worsened. We got him a Rhinos-copy back in June to try and further diagnose his problem, but the only thing it told us was that there was no tumor or cancer. Immediately after the rhinos-copy, he developed some swelling over his eye, but we were given medication and it went away. They said something might have been irritated when they did the rhinos-copy.

The last couple weeks or so, he developed a lump on the center of his head and now another lump over his eye (the same one as before) in addition to the sneezing/coughing/wheezing. He's had a biopsy and CBC test done. In the most recent stint of medication, he's been on a treatment of piroxicam (anti-swelling), tramadol (Pain), azithromycin (antibiotic), hycodan (cough syrup), fluconzole (antifungal), and chlorphenamarine (allergy). Please pardon my spelling.

Unfortunately, none of these medications has shown any improvement. I have attached a few photos of his current state taken 8/19 and 8/23. The lump over his eye has started oozing a clear viscous liquid that crusts when it dries. Our current vet has no further recommendations for us, other than to get a CT Scan.

On our previous visit to Blue Pearl, the vet outlined to us that it would help diagnostically, but may not give us any further information on his issues. Even if something were to be found, it would probably involve invasive surgery and could still potentially degrade his quality of life anyways.

So here are my questions:
  • Do you think a CT Scan could find answers for us?
  • It seems like he's been on all the medications to treat any potential cause for his issues, does it seem like surgery is the only option left anyways?
  • For a large dog (Healthy weight around 63lbs, currently at 50lbs) at ~13 yrs old,would invasive surgery extend his life and quality of life?
  • Is there anyone or anywhere we could contact for financial assistance to further diagnose/treat him?
I know that this is probably a long shot and difficult to assess without proper records and exam, but I would appreciate any advice/solutions/answers you might be able to provide. Just trying to get some answers/directions and see if I can help my baby.



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Mar 28, 2012
So sorry your boy is suffering like that, those photos look terrible. :( I have no experience with Rhinitis, so unfortunately I have no advice for you. Maybe someone else here has some info. I think at that age a surgery like that may have more of a negative outcome than not having the surgery, just my opinion.

If there are any veterinary schools in your area you may want to contact them about taking care of him at a lesser cost, Linda here often recommend vet colleges.