Help!! Could it be cancer?


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Apr 2, 2022
My dog has been diagnosed with under active thyroid and been on hormone replacement for 1.5 months now. He’s also been on antibiotics and prednisone since Benadryl doesn’t help his itching at all. He functions ok with prednisone but gets really bad off it with his appetite and need to potty going away + relentless itching.

He seemed to get better for a few weeks but has now erupted in more sores on his body. Are flareups common for dogs with thyroid issues? Could this be from a different cause? He also has a lump on his paw and one near his kidney.

Sadly he had Cytopoint injections for a few months earlier this year until he got worse so we took him off. Wish I’d known the dangers of it then.. We’re constantly jumping between vets trying to help him. Any insight is appreciated.


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Apr 20, 2016
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Can you get him to a vet teaching hospital? I've heard good things about those places. I don't know.



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Dec 12, 2022
Poor guy! Our dog has had excessive itching. A staph diagnosis, she was treated with antibiotics (for a month) along with apoquel. A month later she is doing great (outside of a new and fast growth on the bottom of her paw). I hope your dog will be ok.