Help finding the right snake for me


New member
Aug 15, 2021
I am looking for a snake that can go in an enclosure that is 4x2’, and that can handle a bit of humidity. It’s not going to be a super high humidity, but the there will be one of those misters that makes fog, but it won’t mist the tank too often and not much. Thanks for any suggestions!


Mar 22, 2021
I'm no snake expert but I think that a Ball Pythons, Green snakes, King snakes, and most tropical snakes can live in those kinds of conditons. Frogs are a good option too as well as Anoles and other lizards. I would recomend not having the mister on too much for snakes since they can get too much humidity and that can lead to health problems like scale rot. Also be sure to add plenty of Height to the enclosure since most of these species do like to climb. There are a lot of snake youtube channels you can watch that will give you better info than i can give you Including Snake Discovery, Tyler Rugge, GoHerping and many more. Feel free to correct me if I forgot to add somthing or if any of my info is wrong.