Help, slider with shell rot?


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Mar 13, 2019
I have a roughly 2-3 inch red eared slider. I got him as a rescue and he had what i assumed shell rot when i first got him. His shell was flaky and white spots all over his shell were it flaked away. The worst areas were the part of the shell above the tail, when you touched it, it would move up and down and was soft (still is but not as soft) along with his underbelly ?

Its been about 2 months since ive got him and seen no improvements and has appeared to even gotten worse? Hes currently on his basking spots almost 24/7 he will sometimes sleep on a log right under the surface when lights go out but will also sleep on the log out of water. When i pick him up it takes some time to wake him up, tapping on his nose/head, touching his feet, rubbing his shell, putting him in the water.

All takes a bit before he will open his eyes, is this normal? Theres a more dignified line on his first scales(?) Above his tail now as well i noticed today. When i first got him i heard cuttle bone would help with his recovery so i cut up small enough pieces for him and put it in his tank but he wont eat it.

Instead i made a paste out of it and rubbed it on his shell (still keep some in his tank) every time it almost got all off i would re aply it. Didnt seem to be doing anything so i stopped doing that about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I got a vitamin for his food to see if that would do anything and spread it across his food before i feed him, hes eaten like a champ and havent had a problem feeding him (expect for greens) he eats sunfried shrimp, river shrimp, crickets, meal worms, turtle pellets,and occasionally gold fish flakes.

He gets fed in the morning and always eats his food (i have to wake him up and put him in the water though) and at night a few extra pellets and shrimp. About a week ago?i noticed bubbles coming out of his nose (when hes on his basking spot) and i looked it up and it said he might have a upper respiratory infection. I couldnt find any medicine that could help it expect making him warner. 2 days ago i redid his entire set up.

Hes a got a 20gal long.6inch heat lamp with a 75wat light in it, a 100 watt and 50 watt heater,20 gal internal filter, 3 basking areas, hiding spots and a finer gravel substrate. Since hes having trouble keeping his eyes open i bought eye medicine thats good for eye reddness and inflamtion , 2 days hes been on it. water temp is at 83f and water levels are there anything else i can be doing here for him??? I really dont think hes gonna make it and im at my wits end trying to get him healthy and active.


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Jul 26, 2019
Do you have a UV lamp? Very important. UV helps to promote a healthy shell, morph the calcium and such. Also use a soft toothbrush to clean any debris from the shell. Frequent water changes 1 half water change a week, 1 full change a month. Also, if using tap water watch the chlorine count. Turtles are very sensitive to this. Hope this helps.


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Mar 24, 2020
Wherever the shell rot is, Scrub soap on it for 20 seconds. Then, put a little of benadine on the shell rot spot. Do not take the benadine off, let it stay there. Do not let the turtle consume any of it, and after the benadine is on let it dry before putting him back in the tank. Also get a UV or UVB lamp for the calcium.

I hope your Turtle gets better