HELP SOS Pomeranian problem in dog hotel


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Oct 10, 2021
Hi all,

My amigo left me his Pomeranian girl 2 yo, and she looks so stressed, no eat /drink for 2 days, not sure but probably no sleep too.
She found my son as most reliable guy and can lie next to him. When I take her she is shaking. I tried even real meat, but even no attempt to sniff.
We all nice to him. Talking in 3 languages, patting, nothing helps.
We have one more week to go....

Maybe anybody can offer some hints, how long you think this strike can last, or how long she can survive without food/water ?
My friend physically can't make it back from overseas so I don't want to bother him.

Thanks all

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Mar 13, 2014
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leave her alone, stop fussing over her let her come to you on her terms. put the food down, if after fifteen minutes she doesn't eat pick it up and offer it to her later, when she gets hungry enough she'll eat. Leave water down at all times so she can drink. don't push yourself onto her, she is stressed, just leave her alone and she'll come around


Apr 20, 2021
I would agree with Linda, the dog is scared so stop fussing, it needs to be ignored to take the pressure off of her in and around the house, so get her on a lead and walk her twice a day so she gets exercise, what I would not agree with is removing food after 15 mins, that is acceptable and normal training practice when it is your own dog however you are not the owner and you do not need to 'train' this dog... she is scared, she is a tiny mini breed so her normal food needs to be left for her like you would do water, as tiny mini breeds can loose weight VERY quickly.... as a tempting food possibly offered when out walking, try a hard boiled cooled egg, dogs will often eat warm food and an egg is highly nutritious.....however a dog needs to drink so in the drinking water, add some electrolytes to it and if you don't have those a spoon full of glucose powder and a pinch of salt and as long as they are drinking they can manage without food for a week