Help with my Red eared slider


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Dec 31, 2021
My red eared slider is probably around 20 years and is a male...he recently within the last few weeks started to get very bloated looking around his legs arms and almost looks like he has air in him...i took him to the vet 2 days ago and they did an xray and said it looks like his body is filled with waste so he isnt passing stool...they did 2 enemas on him and gave him oral laxatives and also antibiotics but he still isnt going to the bathroom...they say i would have to give him a cat scan if he still isnt going to the bathroom and thats going to run $1,500...he did eat a couple small goldfish back in september so i dont know if one of those clogged up his gi track...has anyone experienced anythinf like this before or have any ideas...i also just started soaking him in warm water...i am attatching a picture of the skin around his arm and legs but its also puffy around his head



Mar 22, 2021
I dont neccesarally know how we are supposed to help or if this is just a statement but in general goldfish are not great feeders for reptiles. Goldfish can carry a lot of bacteria and that can somtimes make the animal eating them sick. Goldfish in general are not the cleanest fish so they tend to also cary around a lot of gunk on themselves. I would honestly try feeding turtle pellets and perhaps some type of minnow or small fish (Rosy minnow, Shiner, ect...) This would all of course be a preventative of this happening again since infections and clogs do tend to happen again.

Side note: The turtle might not have had an infection and it simply might have been an impaction from either scales or fins being stuck in the intestines or it could be from an improper or unbalanced diet. Just keep an eye on what your turtle eats and feed a good balanced meal and they should be fine. (I would also recomend a large tub/bin for a turtle that size if it is in a tank that is under 50-70 gallons long)