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Feb 22, 2021
Hey everyone!
Some advice would be appreciated, we were gifted this bird about two months ago and I noticed from the get-go she had a small bald patch on the back of her head but I assumed she would pick her feathers to groom herself. Today everyone was out of the house for around 5 hours and I come back to check on her and she's practically bald. There are feathers on the floor of her cage and smaller bits floating in the air, she was chewing some of her feathers I think she was plucking herself but I'm not sure. She plucked her entire body minus her chest, head, and wings. Should I be concerned? Is she plucking her feather or is something else happening? Should I take her to a vet?



Mar 22, 2021
A lot of times feather plucking is a symtom of stress in birds. When a bird is moved from one home to another and kept with people they might not know it can be stressful. This may also happen if somthing stressful happend in the house on that day like glass breaking or people yelling.
Another reason could be that she was bored and didnt have enough toys or enrichment and turned to self harm as a way to keep herself ocupied. There are other reasons like Health related problems like skin infections. Thats all I know about feather plucking at the moment though you may get better answers on articles relating to the subject. It is probably a good idea to call the vet and see if they have any advice. The vet will also have better advice than I will.