How long do you wait to get another pet?


Jul 23, 2017
If I had a choice, I would adopt a new kitty shortly after burying the last one. It was boring to not have a cat all but one full day in 2016. But financial circumstances and two big vacations that year forced me to wait a whole year before I could start going to shelters. I read about people thinkikng they adopted new pets too soon or just not feeling ready to pounce (pun intended) unti the grieving process is complete. What is your preference?

Also, when you go pet hunting, do you look for the same breed/species, gender, color, etc. or something completely different? Do you recycle names? My mom ruled out tabbies and tuxedos because they reminded her of previous cats. I don't care as much about that, but like having a white cat.


Mar 6, 2013
Nottingham, UK
I've personally never gone out looking for a pet before, all my animals are from other people who couldn't take care of them any longer and asked me if I'd like to take them in or were purchased by other family members. When Magik goes it would be odd not having a cat around the house but I think I'd wait and see what life brings me.