How to exercise your dog indoors during winter


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Aug 16, 2019
How to exercise your dog indoors during winter
So, the season of crystal nights and gloomy mornings is just around the corner. Are you prepared for it?
Yes, sometimes it can be tough to head outside during the winter season, but that doesn’t mean you have to hibernate your dog’s fitness exercises. You can always do all of your pooch’s workout sessions in the comfort of your home.
Wondering how?
Well, here are 10 ways to exercise your dog indoors.
Run your dog up and down the stairs
If your house has more than one storey, take advantage of the staircase and let your dog run up and down as part of a routine exercise. This can be a great cardio workout for your dog. If your furry friend needs motivation, you should join in the fun and make the whole exercise enjoyable. However, this kind of an exercise is not suitable for every dog. Before you do this exercise, make sure that your dog is healthy, or better still, check with your veterinarian first.
Set up obstacle courses
If you live in a spacious apartment or you have extra rooms, you might need to turn you house into an indoor training facility for your dog. You don’t need special training equipment to set obstacle courses for your dog, your chairs, tables and blankets will do.
All the exercise you see on dog shows can be easily replicated by letting your jump over chairs, circle around pillars, going through blanket tunnels and going under tables. This is not just a fun game for your dog, but your dog will definitely love this game.
Teach your dog to use the treadmill
Yes, dogs can use treadmills too. Walking or running on a treadmill actually puts less stress on the body of your dog than walking or running on a flat surface outdoors. It doesn’t have to be a special doggy treadmill, a human treadmill can also allow you to control the terrain for your dog.
Do not just start by putting your dog on a treadmill, give your canine friend a bit of training first. It’s best if you begin with a very slow pace, and increase it bit by bit as your dog gets used to it.
Tug of war
Many people wonder if Tug-of-war is a safe game to play with their dogs. They fear that the game might hurt their dogs’ teeth. To be honest, it can, but it doesn’t have to go that far. Tug-of-war is an interesting game if played with caution. This kind of game is good for your dog’s teeth and muscles. Your dog can get a lot of stimulation and a great workout from playing this game. However, as fun as tug-of-war can be, it can lead to aggressive behavior in some dog breeds.
Get your dog chew toys or chew bones
If your pup is anything like any other dog, it goes bonkers whenever it sees chew toys and chew bones. Dog toys may look very ordinary, but they play an important role in your pooch’s wellbeing and exercise regimen. As simple as dog toys are, they can fulfill your dog’s emotional and physical needs at the same time.
As part of you indoors dog exercises, you can count on some few chew toys and chew bones to help burn your dog’s calories. You don’t need much, just a food-puzzle toy and a dispensing ball can do the job.
Whether indoors or outdoors, dogs love playing fetch, kids love to participate and it can be just as fun for adults, too. Besides being a great form of exercise, fetch gives your pup a chance to think and be strategic – which is good for her!
Playing fetch indoors is possible, especially when you have a small dog, a spacious room or a long corridor. You can make it a little bit challenging for your dog by tossing a favorite toy up and down the stairs and placing pillow obstacles in your dog’s path.
Hide & seek with treats
Everyone remembers the childhood game; hide-and-seek. That same game can be played with your dog, and you do not have to be a kid for this. Dogs love to play, and at times, they love to hide behind the door or under the table.
Hide-and-seek is an entertaining game that can help exercise the body of your pup as well as their nose. Most breeds are natural hunters, so, they will surely have a blast as they track you down around the house.
We, as humans, think of a massage as a momentary feel-good treatment that can help us relax. Although massage may not count as an exercise in any way, but it has many important health and circulation benefits for your dog. In fact, dog massage can help maintain your canine friend’s physical and emotional wellbeing – which also help to improve immunity.
Make Your Dog Work For its Treats
Another way of exercising your dog indoors is by hiding her favorites treats, so that she tracks them down and be exercising in the process. This is usually fun to watch. You can also place obstacles along your dog’s path so that it pushes them around as it tries to get to the food.
Canine conditioning
You can think of canine conditioning as a Zumba for dogs. All of the exercises involved can help improve your dog’s balance, strengthen its muscles, and sharpen its agility. Although most of the canine conditioning techniques are used outdoors at Dog Shows, some of them – stand-to-down, down-to-stand and walking on a 15-45% inclined and declined treadmill – can be done at home.

You do not have to wait for spring to exercise your dog. Nothing should slow your roll when it comes to dog exercises, not even cold weather. Your best friend needs regular exercise, and you shouldn’t be the one to let her down on this.


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Mar 13, 2014
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Not an issue with Phoenix , she demands going for her run in the woods daily, no matter the weather, the minute I put my shoes on in the morning she demands to go. Unless its icy she goes. Spoiled dog g

Aug 15, 2019
Laurel and I kept hiking all winter last year, even though she had to wear so many layers to stay warm that she looked like a walking sausage, lol. I was going to splurge on a Ruffwear Vert this year, since she's all grown up, but she wound up with "siblings" instead.

I do appreciate the tips for indoor exercise, though. I have Chihuahua mixes, who are fine snoozing away lazy days, but if I don't get enough exercise I get grumpy as well as fat. The additional furkids keep me too busy to be as self-indulgent as I was without them but they sure are worth it.


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Aug 16, 2019
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It is great that you have your fur friends go out in the winter as well:) My little one hates to go out in the winter unless it is white snow to roll around:)


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Jun 22, 2013
My chi doesn't go out in winter, she likes to snooze the winter away, ha, ha. Her idea of exercising in the house is rubbing her back on the carpet