I-Fetch dog toy


Dog Mother
May 2, 2013
Northern Alabama
I just saw a new dog playtoy advertised on Fox News. It is kind of a little bubble shaped gadget, and you drop in the ball for the dog to chase, and then the I-Fetch shoots the ball out and across the room for the dog to go after. The dog can easily learn to drop the ball into the thrower, so when he wants to chase the ball, and no one is there to throw it for him, then he can just do it himself with the I-Fetch toy.
I imagine that it is a lot more fun for the dog when his very own human throws the ball for him, but this is maybe a next best thing, for when no one is home, or they are all busy, and he wants to play with the ball.
Here is a short video showing how much the dog enjoys using it.



New member
May 17, 2013
There appears to be a suspenseful time delay. Interesting.