I found some stray cats near my area


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Jul 24, 2021
I wanna try to help those poor stray animals so what should i feed them. I fed them some biscuits is ok for them or anything other would work? I feed them off my balcony today and i felt so happy doing something better for them :) even tho i cant adopt them or let them in my home as there isnt much space i still would like to help.


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
call your local shelter, they will set up humane traps then take them and spay and neuter them and either find homes for them or bring them back and hopefully someone will feed them and at least they won't reproduce to make more strays


Apr 20, 2021
Feeding strays/ferals is a short term response to an immediate issue, really depends on where in the world you live and so what attitude authorities/charities have and what is already in place to to deal with strays/ferals on the streets.
Cat colonies that are stray/feral don't get health care, so are not nuetered or protected from diseases, so continue to breed and increase in numbers and can spread diseases to pet owned cats, they often die young however because of them continually breeding one female cat can produce between six and 24 kittens in a single year, so the colony continues to grow and gets out of hand very quickly so it is important to catch, nueter and either release or rehome and generally in many countries this is done by volunteers and paid staff working for pet rescue charities...so research locally call rescues/shelters and ask if there are any cat catch/nueter/release programmes locally to you and if so get in touch with them otherwise in a very short time a 10 cat colony of strays can go well into the several 100s and that is unmanageable.

I live in a country where it is very unususal to see strays/feral colonies now as so much work has been done to catch/nueter/release over the decades most now are from farms and the work is educating the farmers not to kill the cats but allow them to be caught/nuetered and release back onto the farms so they are healthy and continue to do their job but not multiply out of hand, however I have also lived in countries where it is very normal to see stray/feral colonies everywhere.