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May 24, 2021
I went over to my friends house to swim In there pool and when I got in there I went Into change and saw this turtle in a .5 gallon tank with no filter or anything just water gravel and a turtle i knew this wasn’t right so I asked her if I could help care for it and she said yes so I took it home she said it hasn’t been fed in a while and she didn’t know what kind of turtle it is I already have a cycled 10 gal tank at home but I have feeling that won’t be big enough the tutles shell is bending and peeling on one side I know nothing about turtles I’ve only ever had fish I wanna do more research on it but have no clue what it is does anyone know what kind of turtle this is and what the tank requirements are for it does it need a heater and filter what do I feed it anything would help also I’m on a budget but will do whatever I need to save this turtle



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Dec 7, 2019
Do you have any photos of its underbelly?

it looks like a baby yellow bellied slider to me. He will probably grow big enough to need quite a large tank. I’m glad you rescued him! Poor dude.

He will need a nice basking area with a heat light and a uvb light. I’d recommend getting a little aquarium heater to keep his water warm (probably about 75-80°). I’d also recommend getting a good waterfall filter that is made for a turtle tank. He will most definitely outgrow a 10 gallon, but at least he is in that for now instead of a .5.

He’s a cute fella. I hope he does okay! Good luck.

@PhoenixKoi might be able to help you more then I.


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Mar 22, 2021
To me it kinda looks like a yellow bellied slider though it could be anything since I cant see its underbelly. Do you know its gender? I would also advise going to a vet to get him/her looked at since her shell isnt doing too hot.