If Our Pets Could Talk, What Would They Say?


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Apr 20, 2016
Western NC
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Saav: Oh no, Pooks. Mom's upset. Poor Mom.

Pook: What's wrong?

Saav: Molly has a cold again and stopped eating. Mom just got her back from the vet and she has to take that nasty medicine again.

Pook: Oh dear. You go comfort Mom, I'll comfort Molly.


Author of The Cats of Stony River
Apr 20, 2016
Western NC
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Pook: Crap! One of the kittens knocked Mom's ring off her shelf! We gotta find it!

Saav: Which one was it?

Pook: The sapphire and diamond ring. Fan out, Saav,we gotta find it!

Saav: I found it. Must have rolled under the bed. What do I do with it?

Pook: Hahahahahahahaha!!! Put it back on her ring dish. She'll think it was there the whole time and missed it.

Saav: Haha! I can do that!


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
Phoenix: the sun is out, lets go play mom

Me: in a minute Phoenix, wait till I get off the phone

Phoenix: You're always on the phone, tell whoever it is you'll call them back later

Orri: Phoenix why don't you watch and learn, when we want something we just unplug the phone

Sandy: yea we do it all the time, and only when mom wonders why she isn't getting any calls or can't call out then she checks and sees its unplugged

Nanny, she knows we did it but she hasn't caught us yet

Phoenix: Ok guy, first thing in the mornings you unplug the phone so I can have my play time before she notices


Jul 23, 2017
Elsie: Look Mommy, I can do what Maru does! (runs into empty box on the kitchen floor)

She is one of my sister's cats (not the black newbie).


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Jan 13, 2018
Silky: MOM!!! Look, in there....in the closet!

Me: Silky, i'm busy making lunch, could you just tell me?

Silky: I would if I could but I can't tell. It....it smells like catnip!

Me: What? Catnip?? But.......

Silky: Come look.

Me: Fine...........................Oh! it's only your new stuffed mouse I got you last week.

Silky: Really? I never saw it! Give it to me please please please!??????

Me: Fine.

Silky: Rip tumble! Scramble!.........(a little later)

Me: Oh silky, you ripped it to shreds! Well, I guess I put a little to much catnip on it! Lol


I got a puppy!
Jan 13, 2018
Tweety: Mom, where is Silky?

Me: Ummm..I'm not sure. Go find her!

Tweety: Mooom! Lol you no I can't, I'm in my cage!

Me: Oops, I forgot, I'll just call her.....SILKY....SILKY come quite I have a little catnip for you!! (Listen, look...)

Silky: Catnip??? Where when how!!>>!>???

Me: Yikes!

Tweety! Wow!

Silky: Where is it?

Me: Right there...Silky where did you come from?

Tweety: Silky, you really scared mom..he he he...

Me: Tweety!...

Tweety: Oops, sorry mom...:redface-new:

Me: Never mind Tweety! Now Silky, where were you?

Silky: In the pantry....

Tweety: (whisper) You should not of done that.

Me: Silky! You no you should not go in there!

Silky: wellllll.....

Me: I'll let it go this time, but DON'T do it again.

Silky: Ok, I won't.


I got a puppy!
Jan 13, 2018
Me: Tweeeeeetyyyy, where are you?

Tweety: in here....

Me: Where?

Tweety: TWEEEET TWEET! Let me out! Let me out!

Me: Oh tweety, what is happening?

Tweety: Here I am! (On my shoulder)

Me: What happened?

Silky: Hahaha hehe

Me: Silky!? What did you do!

Tweety: She chased be....again!

Silky: It's fun hearing Tweety scream.

Me: I know Silky but you know that is not nice.

Tweety: Mom's right!

Silky: Yes, well....its fun....

Me: Maybe I should not let you play together anymore.

Silky: Noooo!

Tweety: No way! Please?

Me: Well, you can't fight..

Silky: We were not, just playing.

Tweety: yes, just "playing".



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Mar 28, 2012
Bigfoot: Loki, mom's getting ready to take me to the park, wanna come?

Loki: No way! You're a nice doggie, but there are some at the park who I don't trust.

Bigfoot: I know what you mean, safer if you just stay home.

Loki: Good idea, mom will let me out in the yard when you guys get back, that's good enough for me!

Bigfoot: See ya!

Loki: Have fun Bigfoot!

Bigfoot: Hi Loki, what have you been doing while we were gone?

Loki: Wha?? Oh, I must have just woken up from a nap, didn't hear you guys pull up.

Bigfoot: Now I'm tired from my walk and ready to get some shut-eye.

Loki: Headed out to see what's going on outside, sweet dreams Bigfoot!

Bigfoot: Thanks Loki, see you later, be careful out there!

Loki: All the time!


I got a puppy!
Jan 13, 2018
Tweety: Silky, you want to play with me?

Silky: Sorry, I want a nap.

Tweety thinks: "Oh good, when she goes to bed, I will beg mom to let me out and then I will attack silky...for the very first time!

Tweety: Mooooom, moom, can I get out of my cage? Please? Pretty please!

Me: Alright tweety, just a sec.

Tweety thinks: Good, I'm so glad!

Me: Come on! Lets go, I have to shut you in a room, remember?

Tweety: Do you really have to?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

Tweety thinks: I guess my did not work after all. :(

Silky: I was watching you the hole time! I new what you wanted!!!

Tweety: Yes....but.........