In memory of Vasya...

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Jun 30, 2020
My girlfriend's cat passed yesterday. My family owned a dog, but I wasn't there to see it pass as I was out of the area.

We took him to the vet thinking (me at least), that they'd run some tests, tell us to come back, but they pretty much gave us the choice of putting him to sleep or running him through a suite of tests that he might not even survive and she chose the former as he's almost 20. The speed at which he deteriorated was shocking to me. Not eating late last week, to only showing worse symptoms Monday, to being put to sleep Monday night. But those brave little guys hide their symptoms.

When I moved in with my girlfriend I didn't want the cat, I'm allergic, and afraid he would ruin the apartment and I fought with her to get someone to take it.

But after living with the little guy for a year, I find myself very sad. I've been working at home for months, and he'd be there in the background, trying to get my attention, or sleeping peacefully. Miss his howls and his cries, the little sound of him slurping water from his dish. I looked back at the empty futon behind me and felt sad and shed a tear. I didn't think this would be my reaction. I feel even worse for my girlfriend, can't imagine how she feels.

He had a good life, around 19 years. And he was a good little siamese cat.

RIP Vasya, see you on the other side...

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Mar 28, 2012
Rest peacefully Vasya. My condolences to you and your girlfriend....welcome.