In memory of......


I got a puppy!
Jan 13, 2018
In memory of......


Taco was an adorable 2 day old fluffy yellow chick when I picked him out from the tub of chicks at Tractor Supply Co. during chick days in the spring. He seemed healthy and happy at first, but soon after I brought him home he started acting a little funny. Soon I realized he was super sick. Being a inexperienced chicken owner, I called Tractor Supply Co. to see what I should do. All they said was to keep him warm and make sure food and water was available. Soon after, he passed. R.I.P little Taco.


Dazzle, one of my hens decided to go broody last summer. (Which means she tried to hatch eggs.) But as you know, I don't have a rooster so the eggs were not fertile. At first I tried to break her of her broodiness, but that didn't work - so finally I got 3 fertilized eggs from one of my friends who owns chickens as well. It takes 21 days for a chicken egg to hatch, so the waiting game began. At about day 6, one of the eggs disappeared, day 12.....another egg gone. One lonely egg left. Day 21 arrived and the egg started to hatch! I'm not going to go into details on how this little chick died, but it involves the other chickens pecking at the egg when Dazzle left the nest for a few minutes. I could see the little black chick trying to come out.

R.I.P little Midnight.


This adorable 1 year old hen was a great chicken to have around! She was the best egg layer in my flock, and ever so friendly. I was lucky to have such a awesome chicken! Sadly, one morning I walked outside to let the chickens out of their coop. I saw 1....2....3....4....5.... chickens come running out. Where was #6? Where was Kiwi? The first thing I did was look in the coop. And there she was, dead in the corner. :( It was one of my saddest losses because I've known her for so long. She had personality....she was my baby. The reason of her death is still unknown.
R.I.P dear Kiwi.

This chick was a lovely girl. She was a Sapphire Gem....a great breed!! I owned her for about 2 weeks before she started looking sick during a power outage. She quickly got worse and I hurried to Tractor Supply Co. to get her some Save-A-Chicken meds. I got back and gave her a dose. Soon after, she passed. Her sickness is still unknown.
R.I.P little Zinnia.

(A betta fish)

I adopted Rainbow from my local pet shop. He was in one of those small cups and looked so sad. I believe I got him when he was fairly young. He lived a happy 3 years with be and I loved him. He passed away last month from Dropsy. I now have another betta called "Blue Boy". R.I.P dear Rainbow.

*****(Dates and pictures to be added.)*****