Injured dogs need help!


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Jun 21, 2022
Hello everyone!
I am Irena. I save pets. My mini-shelter for homeless injured animals need help.

We were a animal rescuers group from Belarus. We were 5 volunteers. We rented a land plot with a house for our animals. We helped injured animals and homeless kittens.

In August 2020, political repressions began in Belarus of those who took part in peaceful protests against the Belarusian dictator Lukashenka.
Many volunteers and animal rights activists were forced to flee the country. In the winter of 2022, one of our volunteers was arrested for participating in the protests. He is in prison for protest activity. Three volunteers were prosecuted for the protests and forced to emigrate to neighboring Ukraine. I stayed in Belarus with our animals in the shelter and with the pets of the emigrating volunteers.

We planned to rent a land plot for our shelter in Ukraine near Kyiv and relocate our animals from Belarus. But on February 24, the war began. My fellow volunteers and fled to the European Union. They are refugees, do'nt have a permanent home now and
they can't financially support our animal shelter.

We kept our animals ourselves, without crowdfunding.
But due to political events and sanctions against Belarus, the country has a difficult economic situation, enterprises, banks and other financial structures are blocked. The flow of refugees from the Lukashenka regime is intense.

Now I have to take care of the shelter myself. There were debts for renting land and houses, for gas and electricity, debts to a veterinary surgeon. I hoped to gradually pay off. But because of the sanctions, I lost my job. Me and my animals are trapped in poverty. If I don't pay the rent for the land and the pet house, gas, water and electricity next week, the owner of the rented property will throw our animals on the street. This is his ultimatum.

Our animals will not be able to stay outside. There are no state shelters in Belarus. Instead of them - points of euthanasia. Local authorities will take them to such a point and euthanize them.

The situation is such that in Belarus it is forbidden to receive assistance with fiat money from abroad now. The recipient of such money is suspected of financing political opposition to the dictator Lukashenka and ends up in prison. The only way to get financial help still available is through cryptocurrencies due to their anonymity.

Now the amount of our debt for the rent of land and houses for animals, gas and electricity is 3200 USD, equivalent to 13,000,000 Sat.
If next week the debt is not paid, our animals will be euthanized.

Now I have 6 cats, 5 kittens and 4 dogs. One dog has a broken spine and crushed paws

Help me save them!

Who are we:
Animal rescuers, pet savers.

The situation with animals in Belarus:

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