Introducing a a giant French lop to two small bonded bunnies, help!


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Nov 22, 2019

I have a two and a half year old lop female (unneutred) and an almost one year old male Dutch rabbit (neutered). They are both bonded and get along well, even though there is some mounting and hair pulling from the male (not often).
I fell in love with a giant French lop rabbit (female, Unneutured ) and brought her home yesterday.
So far, the male has tried to bite her through the cage on the nose twice, and it seems to have driven him mad. ( constant mounting and hair pulling of the first female).
When they are let out from the cage, the two bonded ones rub their chins on everything to make their scent. I have not let all three out together, but the two females were together for a second and there seemed to be a small altercation.
I have removed the giant French from our apartment for the night.
All three bunnies will be moving with me to a different apartment tomorrow, so I’m hoping neutral ground for all will help with them getting along.
Please can anyone tell me if this is going to work out if I put in the time and effort to help them bond? I don’t want to give up my new bunny as she is so sweet.
Should I get one of the females neutered?
Please help 🙏


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
neutering doesn't change the basic personality of anything, they may in time get along but don't count on it. All you can do is keep them in separate cages preferably whee they can't even see each other. If they don't get along now the sight of each other will not help the situation.


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Mar 28, 2012
I never had rabbits, but I don't think spaying both females would be a bad thing.