Is cat too cold in garage?


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Jan 12, 2021
The cat was crying at my back door when I got home. It only had a flea collar on and I fat it dried food and water but then it followed me into the garage and hid. I couldn’t pick it up and it didn’t want me to pet it.
It looks like it could’ve been rather young if it was dark out. I placed a plastic tub outside and put a pet heated pad with a fleece blanket over it.
I sent a can of cat food, Also dry food and water.
I notified the nonemergency police, A couple neighborhood websites and a pet website. I am concerned that the cat will not come out if it’s hiding place and get the warrant that it needs.

I went out twice to check on it before midnight and it hasn’t touched the food. It gets down to 19 Degrees lately at night.
I might add that The cat was crying at my doorstep and staying on the doorstep originally, And maybe because I’ve cats it knew to come to me?
Either way it would not let me catch it and put it in one of the rooms in my house and I’m worried about it.
Can someone tell me if the cat can survive another six or seven hours until morning?


Jul 23, 2017
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Is it possible to confined the cat to one room in your house so it can stay warm and stop being afraid of whatever is outside? If you make the kitty comfortable away from all the frightening stuff, it will learn you are a good person. He/she obviously has a home because stray cats do not have a flea collar, but anything is better than leaving a cat freezing outside while looking for the owner.


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Jan 18, 2021
You should welcome her to your room... make it a temporary shelter for her. You can find a new home for her later when the weather is OK.