Is my cat pregnant?


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Nov 24, 2019
Hello all! I recently began fostering a cat, and animal control seemed to believe she was pregnant, but she hasn’t been to a vet to receive confirmation. Her stomach does seem to feel slightly swollen, and harder than most cat tummies. However I have a hard time telling if this is actually the case. Are these pictures below considered ‘pinking up’? It feels like some of her nipples are pinker than others. Thanks!



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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
you'll know soon enough, if her tummy is hard and she starts putting on weight you can guess she is pregnant, maybe. There is such a thing as a false pregnancy, not as uncommon as you might think. She will carry the kittens roughly 62 days. When the time comes to deliver she will look for a place to make her nest. Do not let her go outside when she is close to delivery, if she has them outside they will be feral. Just make her a quiet place and leave her alone, she'll do the rest


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Jul 23, 2017
Don't let her go outside the whole nine weeks. Germs that cause infections can spread to the kittens before they are born. So do toxins she could ingest that are only outside.

Change her diet to kitten food. Feed her every time she gets hungry, which will be often. Nature's Variety recommends tripling a pregnant queen's regular daily intake, although their wet recipes are labeled "for cats and kittens" instead of by life stage. And of course take her to the vet.