ISO New Home for 2 dogs - Texas


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Jul 14, 2017
I adopted Blu when he was only a tiny puppy at one of thelocal adoption shelters.My daughter wasan only-child longing for some companionship in a pet, and I was a single motherlooking for a bit of security for us within our home.I’d grown up with dogs in my household, and figuredthat this was about the time when I had my first dog, and the lessons ofresponsibility followed.PERFECT!

Blu was awesome.Hedefinitely filled that role for my daughter in having a pet and a friend.He also learned how to fetch, sit, lay, andstay.He was kennel-trained from day-1,which was a huge help when it came to making sure he was house-broken.I knew I wanted him to be an indoor dog.I was Blu’s Momma. He followed my every move.I would even trip over him at times, as he’dtry to anticipate my next steps.

Hehated being outside for more than 5 minutes. When my role in my career changed, that meanteven less time at home with Blu and even more time for him in his kennel.Now, I feel kennel-training your dogs is thebest thing for both you and your indoor pets.With that said, I also feel like there is a limit to the amount of time adog can be in their kennel before it’s being neglected or abused.

Well, Blu had been in a single-pet family for about a yearwhen I acquired Snickers.Snickers was adoptedby a middle-aged couple, and there were some signs that he’d been physically abused.My sister, a local traveling nurse, happenedto be treating this middle-aged woman when Snickers was offered to her.She decided to take Snickers off theirhands.Unfortunately, her current dogwas jealous of Snickers, and became very aggressive towards him.

Snickers tried to avoid the other dog. Sincehe was not house-broken, he marked his territory in every room in her house.
He became too much for my sister to handle,and she did not have the time or patience to train a new dog.When she offered him to me, I was obliged totake him, as I felt Blu could use a friend.

Blu and Snickers have been brothers now for about 3years.They play very well together,they get in trouble together, and like any other family: I don’t want themsplit up.They don’t like to be withoutthe other.They each will wait outsidethe back door until the other comes out to play.However, Blu prefers to be inside in the coolair, while Snickers loves the outdoors.They’re like night and day when it comes to indoors and outdoors, butthey’re both loving, and demand affection and attention.

Unfortunately, they’re kenneled for 8 hours aday (when I work).
I work full time andhave kids.At one time, my work schedulewas more flexible.At one time, I hadonly 1 child who was with me part-time.In the past year, things in my life have changed, and therefore theirlives have been affected.

I can no longer provide the attention they so long for.With a new baby, my extra attention goes tohim and therefore even less with the dogs.They need to be taken outdoors more to play.Walked.Loved. Tended to.
Snickers is a young-soul.He is curious when it comes to other animals or living creatures, and isfast enough to be in a dog competition for speed.His curiosity causes him to dig under our fenceand follow whatever it is that he may have seen.Blu is an old-soul.He too is curious about other animals, butcan watch from a distance and take-in their nature.If Snickers can manage to find his way out ofthe yard, Blu is right behind him.Blu doesnot like to venture far from home, which is why he will not climb the fence ifSnickers is in the backyard with him.

At one time, Blu was about as fast as Snickers, but he had aaccident about a year ago where he tore muscle, a tendon, and had fleshstripped from his left leg.At the time,my son was 2 days old, and I had just returned from the hospital. Both dogswere let outside to use the restroom before ‘lights out’ in my house.In those 20 minutes, I can’t say what happened,because I was not paying attention to them in the backyard.All I know is that when I called the dogs,only Snickers came.

When I found Blu, hewas in the side yard, just staring off in space.I called to him to come inside and hedid.When he got inside, instead ofgoing to his kennel, he sat in front of me.I stared at him, a bit confused as to why he wasn’t going to his kennel,but I figured he needed some attention, and as I petted him, I realized he hurthis leg.I walked the perimeter of theyard, and found nothing.I have no ideawhat happened.

Blu can climb a chain-linkedfence, and I thought maybe it was possible he climbed over, got hit by a car,and somehow climbed back, but his injuries seemed far too severe for him tohave been able to get back over the fence. I figured maybe it was the fence, and he somehowgot caught during his climb, but no blood or skin was found on any of thefence.Maybe it was another type ofanimal in my backyard that attacked Blu, as I know Snickers did not have anyblood on him, and was trying to play with Blu, to which Blu just stood their,in shock still.The trail of blood startedon the side of my home, where I found Blu, back to my back door.There was no blood-trail from the street backto my home, and to this day, I cannot say how he got injured.

Both dogs are 4 years old.Both were born in April 2013.Iknow Snickers is 2 weeks younger than Blu.I’d love to find a home for both of them to go to.Blu is said to be a terrier-mix.To me, he looks exactly like a whitelab.He is white with a couple of bigbrown spots on his side.Snickers is aminiature schnauzer, with salt and pepper colored hair.I think he may have been a runt, as he is prettysmall and petite.Snickers’ hair ispretty long and wiry, and he looks like a homeless dog, but I love it ��

Again, I want to find a home for both of them to go to.I know it is a lot to ask and expect, but theuniverse has it’s ways.Both dogs are up-to-dateon shots.They tested negative forheartworms.They currently take Trifexisfor fleas, heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms.They are trained and can live indoor oroutdoor.Please get back to me if youare interested!

*This sit will not allow me to post pics, so if you're interested, I'll send upon request


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Jul 14, 2017
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Yes, these dogs are free to the right home. They will come with their monthly dosages of Trifexis, their dog bowls, collars and leashes, as well as kennels and remaining dog food. If anyone is truly interested, the dogs and I will be meeting with potential adoption families at their home. Meeting the people with whom they will live with is not enough. However, seeing their everyday environment is what I'm hoping to do. I will take them to you, no matter how far, so you and them can meet/interact. This will help you and I determine whether or not they are a good fit for you and your family, as well as your home. I appreciate your time, and they will too :)