I've lost my best buddy MAX 3/12/2020

Mar 13, 2020
hello all, I,m posting today due to the loss of my 12yo beloved choc lab MAX! I,m hoping to share my heartbreaking grief, chat with others who age grieving, & also to just get this feeling of "guilt" I feel. a bit about MAX-----I got him from a co/worker when he was about 1 1/2yrs old. from day 1, MAX loved his new home, my wife & 2 children. through out our 12yrs 2gether, he was a GREAT, LOVING, PROTECTIVE dog!!

He was always with us, inside & outside, loved our guests, & loved to be pampered!! in 12 yrs, I NEVER,EVER even heard MAX growl, ohhhhh, but, if someone was knocking at the door, he stood there barking (big, loud, protective barks), until we opened the door & he saw that all was good, ok & we were not in harms way! after they came in he was by their side, loving upon them! I was known as his "daddy", & I believe I was his favorite, ummmm, because I ALWAYS spoiled him big time, often me getting scolded, LOL, for always sharing my food with him, & constantly buying him treats!

MAX led a beautiful loving, & giving love life. within the last year, he started getting some tumors on his body, & was starting 2 show signs of pain in walking, & getting up & down. then within the last 6mths, his sight was being lost & arthritius was severly was taking over his body, mainly his hips, & spine, & had lost about 15lbs. the last month was when the quality of his life was lost, as now, he could not even get up the 2 steps after his outdoor potty trips, (I had 2 carry, lift, assist him inside). at night, he was just up & down (could not find comfort), & his back legs would give out.

He was still eating, drinking, but, no where near his normal self! as much as I fought the thought of losing him, I & vet knew he was suffering beyond belief, & he,d only get worse! well, on 3/12/2020, the decision was made to ease my best buddy MAX,s grips of pain & suffering! its now been a day after loosing MAX, of course me & entire family & all that knew him are heartbroken! ohhh, rest assured, the family was with MAX through out the euthanasia procedure, & gave him love, hugs, kisses as he took his last breath!!

I'm heartbroken, NO, my heart is ripped apart without MAX, but, I,m feeling guilt!!! that's why I,m writing--to share my grief & chat with others!! THANK YOU for reading & PLEASE feel free to chat with me!!! GARY

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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
So sorry for the loss of your beloved friend. Most of us here have been in your shoes at one time or another and its never easy. Some just don't understand that a dog is part of our life and family, its not just an animal. He is gone but will never be forgotten, he will always live in your memory and think of him as sleeping in your heart. My sympathies to you and your family.


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Mar 28, 2012
Welcome Gary, Max sounded like a wonderful companion, very sorry for your loss, my sympathy.