Just went for a couple day relaxation in Kor Sor Resort


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Aug 23, 2012
hey guys! Over the last week I haven't been so active due to a couple reasons. First reason was I went to bangkok for a couple days to do my daughters passport, Next me, the wife and our daughter went to hua hin for a couple nights for my wifes birthday.

The resort was very different, 4 star resort, all old style houses around a big man made lake.

It was defiantly more for Thais than foreigners and is not for loud people!

We went from wednesday - friday and it was really quiet, as the thais apparently come down on the weekend (no work) I think there was only a few people i nthe resort and we had our side of the lake all to our selves :D

Any way, thought I would just show the resort as it was really nice. Recommended for people looking for peace and quiet!

Check it out http://www.agoda.com/asia/thailand/hua_hin_cha_am/kor_sor_resort_spa.html?asq=7i5c3et7fAcY2FRpzddc214UP1p2oPVRpuJFNhxdREsWt6s8PhfObzdJ6FcPvXIamBzwyzwMSx/pPojNbXIDU6RJSxjfbPr/bVKl8oeakdmmeQIs2NtDYdxdpu3aSD/yzBbB6JzAykpVNdxKhGETNg==

(this is not an affiliate link by the way)

Will try and get some pics up from the holiday, but my wife has put them straight to facebook then deletes them off the camera :S


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Apr 10, 2012
That does look like a lovely place to relax and get away from it all,love the decore too.Glad you had a nice time there.