Kitten in need of a home - Los Angeles


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Sep 23, 2018
We are looking for a home for this little kitten! We found him on Wednesday and he was very sickly, but with some medications and some love he has made a great recovery! He is about 8 weeks old and is very friendly and loves to be held. He is still recovering so he is still a bit weak but very happy:).

He has not been tested for FIV and should be taken in for another check up to ensure his previous infections have cleared.
We are looking for someone who is able to give him a little more care than the average kitten since he has had a rough start at life and needs a little more attention. We have two cats of our own and don’t have space to keep him!
More details:
- acquainted with litter box
- his right eye was heavily infected but has since improved.
- he wasn’t eating, so he is thin. He now eats regularly and has a healthy appetite (solid foods).
- can supply medical record.

This little guy was on death’s door before we found him and now he has a chance for a happy healthy life!