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Aug 15, 2019
My kitten is about ten or eleven weeks old and is doing very well with her leash training.

She trotted along on her own little four feet after the dogs for about a mile the first time I took her out hiking. The second time it was probably closer to two miles. She actually fell asleep up on my shoulders, stayed out in the forest all day, and loved every minute of it.

Unfortunately, I live in a small city and have had car troubles this week. The baby kitten is not feral, but she was born to an abandoned pet and lived outside only before she joined our family. I cannot provide a safe outdoor space for her to wander so she has to be indoor-only with supervised outings.

Today she came along on my shoulders for about an hour while I walked the dogs in the neighbourhood. She would let me know when she wanted down to check out what the dogs were sniffing and sometimes she would walk as much as a city block before wanting to investigate somebody's yard, climb under a parked car, etc. It's kind of hard to explain private property to a cat, but she does trust me to protect her and not to spoil her fun just to be a jerk.

There is one very busy street we have to cross to get to the foot path that most senior citizens and other car-free folks use to get around my small city. I am so proud of my kitten and my tiny dogs for staying calm today while we walked right up to the intersection that we will have to cross. The kitten was very happy to walk away from the intersection on her own four little feet, but would probably have been just fine crossing it on my shoulders or in my arms instead of in a carrier.

I would love to compare notes with other people about how to provide the exercise and intellectual stimulation my kitten needs while keeping her safe from traffic, predators, and other outdoor dangers. She is quite a character and she deserves the best I can give her.

ETA: I'm also VERY proud of my kitten for recognizing our house and knowing where the front door is. She also knows and gravitates towards the vent in the back yard where she can get under the house and stay relatively safe while she waits for me to notice her absence and go find her. I follow the recommendation of the Adventure Kitty website and book to ALWAYS carry her outside, but I encourage her to walk back inside herself and hope that she will not get lost if she ever does accidentally get out alone.

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Mar 13, 2014
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My cats are never allowed outside. We have fisher cats around and cat is their favorite lunch. I also don't encourage leash walking, the more they are out the more they want to go out. I have two catios, that go in the window like a window air conditioner, top and bottom are solid and the sides are stainless steel bars, nothing can get to them and they can't get to anything like squirrels or birds. It has a magnetic door so they can go in and out at will. They are content with their "window box" and out anytime they want. They never try to run out the door when its opened.


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Aug 15, 2019
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That sounds like a wonderful set up.

I'm a renter, but that doesn't mean I can't mickey mouse a catio (or reasonable facsimile) out of a large dog crate, an X-pen, or my ideal fantasy wish list:

even though this is probably more realistic for my budget and the size of my storage area:

There are a lot of options that I don't know about yet. Thank you for replying. :D