Leaving for the military soon and may not be able to take care of my pupper


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Apr 15, 2020
Hey! I will be leaving for bootcamp in a while and I may not be able to take care of my handsome Georgie boy! :( hopefully I can get stationed somewhere where I can come home every night to my pup, but if I get stationed on a ship that’s away for months at a time I will need someone else to take care of him just in case. (We live in Louisiana at the moment, outside of New Orleans, and my bootcamp will be in New Jersey)

He is a 3 year old, 67 lb Boxer/Pit mix. He is incredibly intelligent and has outstanding manners, but strangers and strangers dogs in his space makes him nervous and uncomfortable. He went to The Good Dog for a three week board and train so we could learn how to be safe and help him cope when he feels uncomfortable :) He learned he is safe when he is on “place” on his dog bed because strangers in the house are not allowed to mess with him or pressure him. And on walks we just don’t let any strangers or strange dogs get in his space and he does great!

He can definitely warm up to people, but it just needs to be in his own time, without pressuring him :)

He would be a great dog for a person or a couple who has a fairly active lifestyle and would take him for daily walks and/or occasional jogs, but won’t spoil him too much and let him be a brat :) Georgie has a sibling living with us at the moment, she was introduced as a puppy and she is submissive to him, and knows her boundaries. Georgie got nipped by another dog once after we got his sister and he is extremely wary of meeting new dogs from that point on. If passing another dog if they mind their business he has no issue. He is also a big ole cuddle bug with people he is comfortable

He knows a wide range of obedience and some special tricks too! He absolutely LOVES being outside especially if you live by water, he will just love to sit by the water and chill with you all day. and he loves going on long walks or runs.

He handles like a dream on the leash, except when psycho little dogs try to get to him and when strangers try getting in his face and space, which makes him uncomfortable, so I just give enough space when walking by and simply tell them he isn’t fond of strangers if they seem like they’re going to swoop in for a pet. If other people and dogs ignore him, then he’s perfectly fine. He does wear an e-collar and prong on walks just because he is a big dog and if he gets startled by something the prong is a safety net so he doesn’t hurt himself or whoever is holding his leash :) the e-collar is for corrections such as heel, which he is just about perfect with. His head is in line with your hip and there’s a little slack, but not too much in case he gets startled. The other correction the e-collar is used for is “no” we say no and give a tap on the e-collar when he looks at a cat or bird or person, and he will look straight again.

If anyone is interested or knows someone who may be please let me know! I won’t find out for sure if I need someone to take him until I am in bootcamp.

thank y’all!

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